Technologist, electrical engineer, carpenter, machinist, draftsman, welder, mechanic, photographer, genealogist, chauffer, chef, husband, dad, and grandpa.  How many hats do I wear?  What would life be like if I had no interest in most of these things?  Would I feel better, knowing that I didn’t have all these projects to do, or would I just get bored?  

I have family photos to catalog, tag, scan, and archive.  My nature and outdoor photography is setup on  http://www.thedigitaledge.net/Nature/Favorite-Scenery/n-vt3x6w, and  a collection of genealogical and historical photos at http://www.thedigitaledge.net/History.  I also have three large totes full of additional photos that need to be scanned, tagged, and cataloged to my site. I also have a collection of roughly 5000 negatives from the early 1900’s through roughly 1950 taken by a close family friend from my home town.  I am doing archival scans on these – creating high-resolution TIFF and JPG images and one lower-resolution JPG of each image, then burning the TIFFs onto high density archives quality Blu-ray disc.  I’ve completed 2100 of these so far, and just need to find the time…

To finish cleaning and setting up my shop.  I’ve got a 2500 square foot shop, with space dedicated as an auto/machine/welding shop, woodworking shop, an electronics/office/drafting area, and a finishing room. I’ve spent four years thing to get the shop setup in a way that would allow me to start or complete countless woodworking projects.  The entire place needs to be organized, cleaned, and rearranged.  The woodshops need cleaning, dust collection setup, new electrical and lighting run, and tool and supplies storage built. All I really need to get this place fully functional is to find the time…

To remodel the house…  I’d like to  gut the kitchens, family room, dining room, living room, hall bath, and in-law suite.  The in-law needs a complete remodel, and I’ve drawn up plans to add a new entrance.  The existing footprint is laid out poorly, and it could be so much nicer than what it currently is.  The same goes for the main house – the center of the house has been carved up into four rooms.  I’d like to open that space up, and create a huge open floor plane for family entertaining, using a rustic, lodge-like decor to compliment the ranch layout.  I have the tools and talent to do this, all I need is time…

To help my son restore his 1942 Willis MB jeep.

Yes, the list goes on, and on…  this is just a few.

Can I just prioritize this list?  Not likely.  Can I just pick “the important things”?  Um, what would those be?  Overwhelmed?  You bet.


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