Plan for the future

As we move through life, we plan.  We plan on how things are going to be, what to do, where to go, how much we save, what to buy.  Decisions are made based on our plans, and we do our  best to make those decisions with regard to how we have everything planned out.  

Then….  chaos!  

Life tosses you a curve ball, and those decisions you’ve made don’t look so great now.  Depending on the depth of that curve, these could be some devastating change-the-course-of-your-life events.  Your well-laid plans are now out the window.  Even the contingencies you put in place are gone, and all you have left are the scraps left behind, to pick up those pieces and try to move on. To try to make some new plans that take you to a better place.

I’ve always thrived on challenges.  Every time I’ve been knocked down, I come back swinging – I meet the challenge head on, with an optimistic belief that I can and will rise above, making new plans to put myself in a better place.  We say we learn from our mistakes, but all that learning doesn’t make the crystal ball work any better.  There are always surprises. Always unexpected events that keep us on our toes.  That’s life.  Anyone that tries to tell you all their plans have worked out exactly as they’ve planned are lying, or have very poor memory.  The best we can hope for is attaining success in the long term.  Keep trying, keep planning, and keep your sights set high.

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