Spreading it too thin

Every day I think about how many projects and tasks I have to do, and a long time ago I came to the sad realization that I will never have the time to complete them all before I’m gone.  This is the first time I’ve actually written that down, and reading it makes me realize that had I not spread my self so thin, I might have completed some extraordinary accomplishments.  It’s the guy spinning plates on the top of sticks.  He can keep only so many of them spinning before one crashes to the floor.  He has a stack of them that he never even is able to get to – like those projects of mine that are numbers 97 through 120…

Prioritize!  Yes, that’s the ticket!  All I need to do is sift through the stack, and decide which item is on the top of the queue.  I think, for now, that would be some sleep.

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