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I’ve decided it’s time to open MakerCentral.  MakerCentral is a maker space that provides the tools, space, and education needed to design and build that project you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the facility and/or knowledge to be able to do it yourself.

My Shop is being built in Marquette, MI.  Watch this space for construction info and updates.


There are four membership tiers available to MakerCentral:

  1. Sustaining member.  This is a lifetime membership that provides unlimited use of all facilities and equipment MakerCentral has to offer.
  2. Yearly supporter.  This is a yearly subscription to MakerCentral, and renews on an annual basis.  Unlimited use of all facilities and equipment is included for the year.
  3. Monthly supporter. As above, but renews on a month-to-month basis.
  4. Hourly use.  The use of the MakerCentral facilities is available on an hourly basis, but is only available during core business hours of 7 AM to 11 PM.  Demonstrated ability to operate machines is required before any use will be permitted.  This certification will be done outside of the period that is “on the clock”.



  1. Four air compressors and piped air throughout shop
  2. 110/220 single and three-phase power
  3. Eight areas in the facility:
    1. auto/metal shop
    2. forge
    3. woodworking bench room
    4. woodworking machinery room
    5. finishing room
    6. electronics, CAD, CNC programming
    7. crafts – jewelry/metalsmithing, sewing
    8. pottery with kiln
  4. Central air and heating.
  5. Restroom.
  6. Oversize garage door to auto/metal shop, barn door to woodworking machinery room.

Woodworking – Stationary Equipment:

  1. Table saws
  2. Tile saws
  3. Radial arm saws
  4. Band saws
  5. Sliding compound miter saws
  6. Single bevel miter saw
  7. Jointer
  8. Planer
  9. Lathes
  10. Drill presses
  11. panel saw/panel router
  12. router table
  13. scroll saw
  14. oscillating belt/spindle sander
  15. 2″ belt sander
  16. 6″ belt/9″ disc sander
  17. 4″ belt/6″ disc sander

WOODWORKING – Portable power tools

  1. Belt Sanders
  2. Random Orbital Sanders
  3. 1/4-sheet Orbital Sanders
  4. hand-held Power Planer
  5. 1/4″ and 1/2″ Routers
  6. Trim Routers
  7. Rotary Tools, corded and air
  8. Detail Sanders
  9. 3/8″ and 1/2″ drills, corded, air, and cordless
  10. 3/8″ and 1/2″ angle drills, corded and cordless
  11. Oscillating Tools, corded and cordless
  12. Circular Saws, corded and cordless
  13. Impact Drivers, corded, air, and cordless
  14. Reciprocating Saws, corded and cordless
  15. Jig Saws, corded and cordless
  16. Cutoff tool/angle grinders, corded, air, and cordless
  17. Finish Nail Guns, cordless and air
  18. Brad Nailers, air
  19. Staplers/Crown Staplers, air, electric, manual
  20. Framing Nailers, cordless, air
  21. Grinder, Slow Speed
  22. Dovetail Jig
  23. Kreg Pocket Hole Jigs

woodworking hand tools

  1. Extensive collection of antique and primitive tools.  Private collection, restricted use.
  2. Chisles
  3. Planes
  4. Hand routers
  5. Saws – crosscut, rip, dozuki, ryoba, dovetail, flush-cut, back saws
  6. Miter boxes
  7. Augers and bits
  8. Sharpening station and supplies

Auto/metal shop equipment

  1. Miller Plasma Cutter
  2. Hobart MIG Wirefeed Welder
  3. Lincoln “tombstone” AC Arc Welder
  4. Porter-Cable Abrasive Cutoff Saw
  5. Drill Press
  6. Sandblasting cabinet
  7. Texas Blaster
  8. Oxy-Acetylene Brazing and Cutting Torches
  9. Cherry Picker Hydraulic Lift
  10. 2000 lb Lift Table
  11. Engine Stand
  12. 4″ and 6″ Angle Grinders, corded
  13. Straight-Line Sander, air
  14. Deburring Tools, air
  15. Metal Shear, air
  16. Metal Nibbler, air
  17. Die Grinder, air
  18. Grinder, 8″
  19. Wire Wheel/Buffer
  20. Auto Buffer, 10″
  21. Hand tools – sockets, drills, wrenches, pliers, etc…


  • FDM 3D printers
  • Anycubic resin printer
  • sewing machines
  • jewelry making/metalsmithing tools
  • wide array of computers
  • complete electronics shop – soldering/desoldering equipment, power supplies, etc

Coming Soon

  • 5′ x 10′ water table CNC plasma cutter
  • 5′ x 10′ CNC router/laser cutter
  • Forge
  • Kiln
  • sawmill
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